FUJIFILM launches first Hispanic PR & marketing campaign for new digital cameras

FUJIFILM North America Corporation has launched its first Hispanic marketing and public relations campaign to support the launch of its new digital cameras with special emphasis on the FinePix Z70 and the durability of the FinePix XP10 digital camera.  The campaign that began in May and will continue through August was designed to appeal to the Hispanic consumer as part of an overall company initiative to be more relevant to this audience.

The campaign includes an ad in People en Español headlined “Hermosa Distracción” – while playing on the HD feature as a graphic theme.  As part of this campaign, Fujifilm will have a presence during the world’s largest sporting event with ads running on Hispanic TV stations, Univision and Telefutura, during 2010 FIFA World Cup TM. Sponsored segments will also appear on Univision’s morning show Despierta America, where a spokesperson highlights the features of the FinePix XP10 camera while providing additional information on its advanced technology and ease of use. Read More »