Submission Guidelines

Tips to Get Your Story Picked Up on Hispanic PR Blog

Here’s some tips to consider before sending your story that will improve the chances your news will get picked up:

  • Is it relevant to our audience? Does is cover news about Hispanic Public Relations, Social Media, Marketing or Advertising?
  • Have you provided all the pertinent facts related to your story?
  • Have you supplied your story in a format that is easy to edit? PDF files are easy to open, but they can be problematic to edit. Word processing files, or even text within an email, make it easier and faster for us to manage your story.
  • Have you included a photo or image, as a separate file? Images embedded within a PDF or other document can be difficult to manage, and the quality may become degraded in the process.
  • If you have a video, have you supplied the embed code – or a link to it?
  • Does the format of your release match our guidelines? For example, HPRB rarely runs headlines written in all caps. Stories submitted with a massive amount of links and every reference to your company name in bold text will be edited for readability.
  • Is the story exclusive? Is it fresh? Old stories already run by several other publishers may not make the cut.
  • Have you subscribed to our newsletter? We may be able to email you a notification when it is posted, but that is the quickest and easiest way to find out when your story has been posted.

Finally, is your story news, or self-serving? We will be happy to help you promote your event, publicize company news and promotions, and toot your own horn a bit – that’s all GOOD stuff – just make sure there’s something in it for our readers, too.

Any questions? Email Katherine, Associate Publisher, at

Please note we do not regularly monitor the comments sections of the site for news stories and leads. If you have a question regarding a potential story, please contact us directly!


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