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  1. Hello,

    My name is Erin Hinojos at Vedette Productions in NYC. I came across this website and wanted to spark your interest on Brazilian sensation, Lili Rocha.

    Lili Rocha is a multilingual international superstar, who has released albums in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and released her very first English recording early this year. Lili also wrapped a short US tour this past month, with shows in NYC, Miami and LA. During her US tour, Lili was featured on New York’s 93.1 Amor (one of the leading Latin Radio stations), and one of Los Angeles’ biggest Spanish TV network show LAzante on Univision.

    My hope is to follow up on Lili’s recent success, and reach out to you about a possible feature about Lili and her music on your website.

    I would love to send you a press release, I can be contacted at the email provided. Thank you so much for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.



  2. necesito ayuda para encontrar algune familiar de federico gomez tiene 23anos natural
    de chiapa mexico tiene dos hermanos que viven en lakeworth florida no se sabe direction de ellos ni sus nombres .el joven federico fue asesinado en north carolina su cuerpo esta en el morge esta alla esperando que aparesca sus familiares necesito que publique este mensaje lo mas pronto possiblees urgente
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    Latinos are very unique and different from your typical search engine user. When looking for something, they usually type in deep meaning phrases that only has relevant terms and meaning to their own native language and regional culture.

    The Spanish language is considered to be a romantic language. As such, the use of many adjetives in search phrases is very common in Spanish. On top of that, Latinos are very regional when it comes to the way they speak and write. Latinos from different countries use different dialects stemming from their own individual culture. Even Latinos from the same country communicate differently, depending on what region, or town, they come from.

    To complicate matters even further, Latinos living in the United States are indeed a very unique group that is set apart from other Hispanics elsewhere. As these Latinos assimilate with the American culture, they’ve developed a new language called “Spanglish:” Phrases that combine English and Spanish words, which in most cases, will only have a true meaning to Latinos and Latinos alone! Latinos do visit the major internet search engines using these phrases in trying to find what they’re looking for. Unfortunately, in 90 percent of the cases, the results they get are totally irrelevant, whether it’s organic results or adverting results. If you’re a Latino searcher, you know what I mean by this. What typically happens is that you’ll have to go back and keep trying different search terms over and over until you see some relevant results. This is not only time consuming, but more importantly, it’s a waste of potential marketing gone to waste. What happens many times also is that Latinos will eventually switch to other smaller search portals, blog, directories, or social sites that are more in tune with their needs or that they can really identify with.

    This makes it challenge for non Latino marketers trying to reach the Latino consumers to promote their products or services. However, the savvy Latino publisher or advertiser that’s aware of this internet cultural fusion will have a much greater advantage to capitalize on their marketing efforts.

    Big and medium marketing firms in the United Sates have not fully caught on into this phenomenon yet. Some of them have been smart enough to outsource their marketing contracts to Latino marketing companies. Others, however, try to do it on their own and fail miserably. Moreover, small companies that don’t have the resources to hire a Latino marketing firm are at a loss when trying to reach the Latino consumers in the US on their own.

    Some business solutions for companies of all sizes to effectively reach the Latino community in their marketing efforts are as follows:

    1. Outsource the marketing job to an experienced and proven Latino Marketing firm.
    2. Don’t just rely on the big boys on the block, like Google, Yahoo and Bing and even Facebook to market your products or services. Look for alternatives. Remember, Latinos are very regional, proud and loyal to their culture. So smaller Latino search portals, directories and marketing websites may prove to be more effective than the big guys. Places to consider: (Latino Search Engine) and (Latino Blog).
    3. Hire Latino employees to your marketing department. They will prove to be one of your greatest investments when they become fully involved in you Hispanic marketing campaigns.
    4. Provide unique customer service. Latino consumers, more than others, will greatly value customer service; that will lead to unmatched repeat business. Regardless of what you’re selling (products or services), make sure you always follow up with the Latino customer. If possible, make sure that your follow-up approach is perceived to be personal in nature. A thank you letter, e-mail, or phone call should always mention the customer by their first and last name. The follow-up should also offer an item or service of great value that’s unique to them as an appreciation for their business. Latinos love bargains and to be recognized for the business they’ve given you.

    Eduardo Gonzalez – Latino Search Engine

  4. Hello my name is Nina Perez and I am fighting for the rights of hispanics. A day without Hispanic is scheduled for Sept. 6. It is a day where hispanics and supporters refuse to shop, go to work, go to school or any other activity that put money back in to the United States economy.

  5. I am a 68 year old American with a Hispanic background. I was born in Braggs, Ok where my Father was stationed before he was shipped out to Germany to fight in World War II. My Father had 9th grade education and Civilian Camp experience when he was drafted in the Army. My Father spoke very little English and made sure that my brother and I would learn English to fit in with English America.

    My brother and I attended an all Hispanic elementary school. Our small town decided to re-district so we had to attend an elementary school in a white neighborhood. My Mother spoke little English so I did all the talking to enroll my brother in the First Grade and me, in the third grade. My Father was not there because he had to work that day.

    My Father went to work at a Naval Base in our small town as a Civil Service worker, where he retired after 30 years.

    My take away from going to school with white kids was priceless growing up. At home I would learn the Hispanic customs and in school, I would learn the ways of the white people.

    My reason for writing these thoughts is to make sure that our Hispanic citizens understand how important it is to register to vote. Casting a vote in our elections is priceless because their voice is heard.

    A proud American citizen,

    Leo Sarabia

  6. My peers in the small business advocacy world – familiar with my work and my successes in public procurement – have urged me to run for Congress in the new 6th Congressional District in Florida comprised of St. Johns, Flagler, Volusia and Putnam counties. An exploratory committee to guide my effort has been formed and I urge you to consider supporting me on this undertaking. You may read about it on this link,

    One of my main objectives, is to promote and encourage a non-partisan campaign to register Hispanics in Northeast Florida. I have helped in the recruitment of two excellent community organizers to lead this effort and I welcome your endorsement of this effort. Get acquainted with my background and with my work and let me know if I can count on your support,

    Raul Espinosa
    Founder and CEO, Fairness in Procurement Alliance (FPA)
    Managing Partner, Umbrella Initiative
    Candidate for Congress

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  8. Hispanic Authors Mario Vargas Llosa, Giannina Braschi, and Junot Diaz top the roster of the 2012 Library of Congress National Book Festival, cochaired by the President and Mrs. Obama. With nearly 50 million Hispanics living in the US according to the census bureau, the Library of Congress recognizes the impact of Hispanic authors, thanks in great part to the growing momentum built by the Hispanic media as well.

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