For the third consecutive year, Verizon Wireless brings teens My Fabulous 15 and gives a Quinceañera party with a live performance by Jay Sean. Eligible teens in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, San Jose, El Paso, Salt Lake City and Seattle are being invited to participate in the third annual My Fabulous 15 contest for a chance to win a Quinceañera party. The entry phase begins August 12th and runs through August 29th. For more information, including rules, eligibility and more, please visit

The grand prize Quince package from Verizon Wireless includes an event planner, venue, catering for 200 guests and transportation that will sweep the winner off to an unforgettable party and the best memories of his/her life; but that’s not all! The party will conclude with a live performance by the British singer/songwriter/producer Jay Sean, whose songs have reached #1 on the Billboard Top 100.

During the entry phase, Verizon Wireless will also host a Quince Expo at a Verizon Wireless store in each of the participating cities. The expos will feature a fashion runway show displaying the latest dresses and accessories complete with hair and make-up stations, where a personal stylist will help guests find the perfect look for their party. There will also be a My Fabulous 15 entry station at each expo.

In Los Angeles, the Quince Expo and meet-and-greet with Jay Sean will take place on Sunday, August 29th at a Verizon Wireless store in Walnut Park, CA.

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