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15 thoughts on “Weekly Newsletter”
  1. How I can get a copy of the 2010-2011 US Hispanic Social Media Guide when you subscribe to The Daily Newsletter of the Hispanic PR Blog?

  2. I have not been able to download the free media guide and I filled out all the information. Can you just email it to me as an attachment?

  3. I can not download the free guide , can you send me as an attaccchment.

  4. I was also unable to download the social media guide. Can you please e-mail it to me in the form of an attachment. Muchas Gracias!

  5. I’ve tried several times to download the social media guide and have not been able to get it. I started my subscription last year. I’m disappointed in this technical glitch…(now I wonder if the free offer was an advertising come-on.) Please e-mail the social media guide to me.

  6. Same here. I have been trying to download the guide right after 2010’s conference and the system keeps telling me that I already downloaded, which is not the case.
    I know you guys @ Hispanicize will do everything possible so we can get it, right?

  7. We want to get the word out about Sound Session 2011, in downtown Providence. This year the headliner is multi-Grammy nominee, Bobby Sanabria and Ascension, his great 9-member band. This is great Latin music and we want to make sure the community knows about it. It will be at Lupo’s on July 9. Any suggestions?

  8. Hi guys!

    Same here. I’ve tried several times to download the social media guide and have not been able to get it. I’m happy to tell you I started my subscription a few weeks ago but couldn’t get it since then. I know you guys will do everything possible so we can get it, right?


  9. Hi Myriam, the Guide is delivered automatically via email. If you didn’t receive it, please check your spam filter. I believe there is a link, as well as an attachment. If you still don’t see if, email me at Melanie@HispanicPRBlog.com and I will email it to you directly. Thanks!

  10. Hi, Manny,

    I am so dissapointed that after almost two years, and several attempts to get this guide through this blog, no one has gotten back to me–nor to the others who have had the same situation–letting me (us) know how to download it!

    I realize you are super busy, but, can you please help us? 🙁

    Should I give up the idea of having a copy?

    Thanks so much, Manny.


  11. Hi Lourdes,

    I have tested the newsletter subscription form, and it works properly. In order to receive the guide, you must click the link in the confirmation email you receive after you subscribe to the newsletter. This triggers a second email, which contains a link you click to download the guide.

    To help, I have forwarded you the second email. I suspect it must be getting caught in your spam filter. While we do monitor comments, we do not always see all of them – so if you, or anyone else, are having issues accessing or receiving the guide, please email Melanie@HispanicPRBlog.com, rather than leaving a comment on this page. That way we will be able to respond and help you more quickly.

    Also, due to an overwhelming amount of SPAM comments coming to this page, we are closing the comments on this page.

    Thank you,


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