This year’s winner of the Full Figure Fashion Week Award for Best Plus Commercial Print Model of the Year is Brazilian model Fluvia Lacerda, a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and resident of America’s fashion capital, New York City.

Lacerda moved to New York to study Language. Today Fluvia’s face and curves are some of the most successful and requested worldwide. Lacerda is currently the only Brazilian internationally plus size model, making her an icon in her homeland.

As late as last year, mainstream fashion argued the legitimacy of plus-sized fashion in the industry.  Full figured fashion has made significant strides over the past few years, and continues to earn much deserved credit and praise for positive body imagery for women.

Overcoming society’s stigma, Full Figured Fashion Week celebrated those who have contributed to the plus size fashion industry. Fluvia will be honored for her contribution in breaking down the barriers of a thin-obsessed culture on Saturday June 18th at Full Figured Fashion Week Awards.

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