Black internet users are young, mobile and heavy users of social media. For them, it’s all about communication

The infamous “digital divide” is finally showing real signs of narrowing, as more and more research gives evidence of rising home broadband usage among black adults.

“The black internet population is young and predominantly female,” said Lisa E. Phillips, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report “Blacks Online: Young, Mobile and Social.” “They are bridging the digital divide wirelessly, with higher rates of mobile phone ownership and wireless internet access.”

eMarketer estimates that nearly 64% of the black population, or 24.2 million people, is online in 2010, and over 72% will be in 2014. Those figures are decidedly lower than those for the total US population, 71% of which eMarketer estimates is online in 2010.

The full report, “Blacks Online: Young, Mobile and Social,” also answers these key questions:

* When should marketers target black internet users?
* What forms of social media are most popular with black millennials?
* Do black internet users respond to online ads?

* How different are black millennials from their parents and grandparents?.

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