Olgivy Asks, Is Men’s Health Valued More?

Most American women feel more independent today than they did five years ago (64%), reporting the greatest strides in women’s independence were in career advancement (65%), education (55%) and politics (46%). But when it comes to their health, women don’t claim independence — nearly half of women (47%) believe society values men’s health more than women’s health, according to a new survey of 2,500 Americans.

Almost seven in 10 women (67%) say they put their family’s health needs ahead of their own. More than one-third of employed women (35%) use most of their sick days for someone else and nearly one-quarter (24%) of all employed women feel like they are at a disadvantage because they are typically the one who uses sick days when a family member gets sick. This is especially true for moms with kids living in the household (40%).
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