Gender stereotypes are great for stirring the pot, and this opportunity is too good to pass up. It seems a large proportion of women on Facebook report finding many of their online friends (or perhaps that should be “friends”) annoying, according to a survey of 400 women by daily deals site Eversave. notes that the Eversave survey was originally intended to help understand the market dynamics of daily deals on social networks — but the stuff they found about women secretly hating their Facebook friends was too hilarious not to publish.

Overall 84% of women Facebook members said they found some aspect of their Facebook friends’ online behavior annoying, according to Eversave, which went on to document a whole range of reasons. 65% said at least one of their Facebook friends shared too many mundane posts; 46% said at least one person “likes” too many posts; 40% said at least one person uses Facebook to promote causes inappropriately or too frequently; and 40% said at least one person projects false information or images of a perfect life.

But wait, there’s more! 63% said they’re annoyed by Facebook friends complaining all the time; 41% by Facebook friends posting political views they disagree with or find irrelevant; 16% by people always posting updates about their children; and 32% by Facebook friends bragging about their perfect lives.

Wow, that is certainly a lot of ambient hostility floating around Facebook. I can’t say I’m totally surprised, however, since I have been assured by any number of female friends that “women are meaner to each other than men,” often followed (when I try to laugh it off) by “no, really: you have no idea.” Admittedly, the Eversave survey results don’t specify whether these annoying friends are also women, but I’m going to guess they make up a large proportion of the offenders.

On that note, I’d like to suggest a new Facebook feature: the “Shun” button, which serves the opposite function as the “Like” button, but for people. The best part is it would be invisible to the person who is being ostracized, so they don’t even know they’re being shunned!  But everyone else totally knows and gets to secretly revel in their shared hatred of them.

SOURCE MediaPost

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