Agency uses animation in fresh approach to drug prevention

Wing is taking an unconventional approach to drug prevention with a new animated campaign for The Partnership at The campaign, “Sheep,” uses animation to illustrate to parents that drugs don’t always come from easily identifiable sources.

 Armed with the knowledge that Latino kids are at higher risk for drug use and addiction than their non-Hispanic counterparts, Wing teamed up with The Partnership at to help educate parents about the issue. The goal of the campaign is to alert parents that their kids are more exposed to drugs than they realize, and it connects them to, where they can learn how to talk to their kids about the risks of drugs and alcohol.

Wing demonstrates this through a :30 second animated TV spot titled “Sheep.” The spot, produced in collaboration with production house Pepper Melon and Passion Pictures, shows a threatening wolf that appears to be gearing up to attack two seemingly tame sheep. In the end, one sheep feasts on the other sheep, demonstrating how danger can come from unexpected places, such as friends and people you feel safe with.

“The Partnership at allowed us to take an original and memorable approach to drug prevention with Sheep,” said Alain Groenendaal, President and CEO of Wing. “Audiences have seen more traditional, serious prevention campaigns in the past, but with Sheep, we’re using humor to break through in an engaging and surprising way.”

“Not only did Wing develop a unique concept and produce a beautiful spot, but they were outstanding, collaborative partners,” said Rebecca Shaw, VP, Director of Creative Development at The Partnership at “The agency team itself was extremely cohesive, and their enthusiasm for both the project and the cause were apparent throughout the process.”