A few weeks ago, I was invited to a forum in New York to hear about Google’s new direction in Latino marketing. Business kept me in Silicon Valley, but I asked my editors at ClickZ to check it out. What I thought would be a small and intimate affair attracted more than 300 vendors, advertisers, and Latino digerati. If you read reports from the event, as well as the news that preceded it (the appointment of Mark Lopez to the new post of head of Google U.S. Hispanic), it was less of a traditional marketing program and more of a coming-out party. And the response from my peers in media and marketing was effusive. Google’s new focus on the Latino market is a sign that “the US Hispanic online market had finally come of age,” according to Hispanic Online Marketing, and that “America is starting to realize the power of the Latino,” according to the Hispanic blog. Latina author and consultant Chiqui Cartagena asked “Will Hispanic Digital (Finally) Grow?”

Read the entire article at ClickZ.

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