Newlink America has released a new video blog featuring Charles P. Garcia, CEO of Garcia-Trujillo on the ten mistakes companies make in building a sustainable business in the Hispanic market. “Charlie’s experience and insights are right on target,” said Newlink America managing partner Jorge Ortega. “As an advisor to the c-suite and corporate board member, Charlie hits the precise reasons companies are missing opportunities in this trillion dollar market.”

In the six-minute piece, Charlie explains the ten reasons companies fail in the Hispanic market including: lack of board management sponsorship, wrong consumer insights, absence of strategy in the value chain and even the wrong marketing mix.

Garcia Trujillo Holdings, LLC ( helps management teams to significantly grow their market share in the global Hispanic market by focusing on strategy, execution, organization, and mergers and acquisitions. Founded by top Hispanic business leaders, the firm also operates a merchant bank and private equity firm.

In addition to Mr. Garcia, Newlink Conversations has featured experts such as Dr. Felipe Korzenny from Florida State University, Cesar Melgoza from Geoscape and Mark Lopez from Google, among others to discuss and present diverse views on the Hispanic market. For dozens of video blogs on the Hispanic market go to

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