Unique visitors to Tumblr have skyrocketed since May 2010

Tumblr, the social blogging site, has seen solid growth since its launch in 2007. More users are publishing on the site and viewing others’ posts, while brands, media outlets and marketers are experimenting with how best to leverage this growing community.

In its “State of the Media: Social Media Report Q3, 2011,” The Nielsen Company tracked Tumblr unique US visitors from May 2010 to May 2011 and found 183% growth in a single year. In May 2011, the site had 11.9 million unique visitors, up from 4.2 million one year earlier, and averaged 21,280 messages and links posted per day.

US Unique Visitors to Tumblr, May 2010 & May 2011 (millions)

In June 2011, Tumblr surpassed more established blogging site WordPress in number of blogs hosted, according to Mashable, and as of September 2011, the site reports hosting more than 29 million blogs.

Slightly more than 57 percent of Tumblr users were under the age of 34 as of May 2011, according to Nielsen. Additionally, 25.2% of users were between 35 and 49, and 17.5% were at least 50 years old. Females made up a larger percentage of visitors (53.5%) to the site than males.

US Tumblr Visitors, by Age and Gender, May 2011 (% of total)

Combining elements of both traditional blogging and Twitter, Tumblr makes it easy to create posts that include photos, videos and links, and offers a more social element, including following other blogs and re-blogging posts. Fashion brands have quickly taken to the site, posting vivid photos of clothing and other items, while media outlets have made use of the site to share the latest news.

As more users create blogs on the site and marketers experiment with how their brands can be involved, Tumblr is likely to become a bigger player in the social space.

SOURCE eMarketer

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