Revisit the conversation in our selected transcript below In preparation for the prestigious Tecla Awards program for excellence in blogging, vlogging, digital media and marketing, the national advisory board of Hispanicize 2015 hosted a #TeclaAwards Twitter chat this week. More than 200 marketers from brands and agencies of all sizes turned out on Twitter Tuesday for the inaugural #TeclaAwards chat titeld What’s Next in U.S. Latino Digital Trends. The Twitter chat featured an intense discussion by several national brands, Latino digital influencers and Tecla Award judges. Among the hot topics they addressed about Hispanic digital were What are the keys to real-time Hispanic digital marketing success? What are the risks? What elements should be taken into account when evaluating the success of a U.S. Latino digital marketing campaign? How is the Latino blogosphere and video content creation evolving?

The lead Twitter chat guest featured: Jenina Nuñez, Communications Manager, McDonald’s ; Patricia Pineda, Group Vice President, Toyota; Will Freyre , Vice President, Digital Innovation República; Stephen Chavez , President of the Hispanic Public Relations Association; Piera Jolly , CEO + Co-Founder, Latina Mom Bloggers; Katherine Johnson, Co-Founder + Music Showcase Co-Director, Hispanicize; and Manny Ruiz Founder + Creative Director, Hispanicize.

Check out a selected transcript below to revisit the questions and some of the more interesting replies. For your convenience, the earliest tweets appear on top, allowing you to scroll

down and follow the conversation pretty easily.

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