The following story is just one of numerous in-depth articles from the 2010/2011 edition of the U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide that’s being released nationally this week.  To receive this comprehensive guide to Hispanic social media marketing FREE go to and register.  Over the next several days, registrants will also gain access to audio from sessions at the Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference that helped make this guide possible.

U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide (2010-2011 Edition)

We’re less than a day away from unveiling the 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide so ahead of its national launch we wanted to give our readers a sneak preview to one of the biggest questions we tackled in the guide: What kind of agency is best suited to lead Hispanic social media marketing? 

The chart below will give you a taste of what my analysis shows but it is not the complete picture.  The full story provides context, rationale, conclusions and predictions that I think will help anyone and everyone that is truly trying to grapple with the booming phenomena of Hispanic social media marketing.  I’m confident that there will be a lot of healthy discussion about the current conclusions I arrive at and so I would like to invite you to let your colleagues know that they too can get the full story by registering FREE for the guide at

If you have any comments, post them here in this story or take them to our industry-leading Facebook fan page at  Although much of what we write about in this blog is usually focused on corporate, non profit and government communicators – the ones who need these resources most – I thought it was time to turn the spotlight back at the various types of agencies servicing this market.  Every type of agency who wants to become stronger in Hispanic social media marketing will gain something from this story.

INSTRUCTIONS:  To see the chart clearly, click on the image and it will enlarge on your screen.

If you have any feedback or discussion points, let us know on this blog or on the Hispanic industry’s premier Facebook page about Hispanic marketing, where we are posting this story for further conversation.

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