The question of how many real Latino blogs are out there is generating a lot of attention in the Hispanic marketing world lately. As a leading platform for Latino social media marketers and bloggers, Hispanicize gets asked this question a lot so I think it’s time we actually dug into this issue because it has a lot of implications for our industry.

In part one of our two part look at this topic, I think it’s best if we actually define what is a Latino blogger. One source on the web claims there’s 134,000 Hispanic bloggers but I think that number is grossly inaccurate and through this story and the next one I think you’ll understand why we’re convinced the real number is SEVERELY less.

A Blogger Blogs

The first step in determining the real number of Latino bloggers that exist in the United States/Puerto Rico is defining who is a blogger. I’m going to get profound here by stating this: a blogger is one who blogs.

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