Sometime last fall – just a few weeks before the mid-term election – News Corp. quietly launched a site called Fox News Latino. But it didn’t take long before things got noisy. The launch provoked a great deal of criticism, skepticism, and – in a more than a few cases – astonishment – from news watchers, Latino and non-Latino alike.

No Way, Güey!”, wrote Antonio Ramirez at, opening his story with this line: “As if consistently twisting the day’s news stories for mainstream audiences wasn’t enough, in an attempt to profit from their favorite punching bag, Fox launched FNL last week.” “Que Que? …how do you say ‘no comprendo’ in racist,” asked Vivir Latino’s Maegen “La Mamita Mala” Ortiz, in an article that ran when news of FNL broke earlier in the year. Gawker, almost predictably, weighed in with the most quotable headline: “Fox News Targets Latinos Unaware that Fox News Hates Latinos.”

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