The public relations scarred Miami Marlins will start their new season with a new PR agency.  Out is Coral Gables-based RBB, who has represented the team since it won its last World Series in 2003.  On the mound will go Miami Beach-based the JeffreyGroup.

JeffreyGroup president Mike Valdes-Fauli told The Miami Herald that “the Marlins are cognizant of how important it is moving forward that they communicate better with fans and stakeholders across the community.  I think it will be important for the Miami Marlins to communicate their point of view on a whole host of issues, including on the upcoming season, some of the challenges they’ve faced in the past, and even the current comparisons with the Miami Dolphins.”

No word yet on whether PR duties include both mainstream and Hispanic media but the team has a lot of PR work to do with its Cuban fan base.  The team’s outgoing manager had severely alienated Cuban fans with a statement that he admired Fidel Castro, a move that forced him to be suspended by the team.


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