Principals at We Are Pixel8 speak on lack of minority representation in web design field

Award winning creative studio We Are Pixel8 works in a field that isn’t known for applauding minority contributions. Its trio of owners wants to change the perception of what a web design creative studio looks like.

According to findings from the 2010 A List Apart Survey for People Who Make Websites, of the web designers surveyed 84.8% were White/Caucasian, 5.9% Asian/Pacific Rim, 4.6% Hispanic/Latino, 1.3% Black/African American, 0.4% Native and 3.1% other. The web design survey also showed that of those web designers 82.3% were male, 17.8% female.

The findings confirm what We Are Pixel8 has long been aware of in that the web design field lacks racial and gender diversity. “Unfortunately, the numbers show that people of color aren’t entering this field and the ones that are don’t get much recognition,” states Principal and Lead Content Strategist Jeanette Fernandez. “If you look at the major web design conferences, it’s very rare to see a person of color scheduled as a speaker or panel member. We need to show young adults that this field is open to them and they can be successful in it.”

For the next generation, the current lack of representation speaks volumes. “I think having role models you can identify with should not be undervalued,” states Erik Ford, Principal and Lead Creative at We Are Pixel8. “The next generation needs to see a wider spectrum of successful people who share their ethnicity, gender or both, to inspire them. This sends the message that they, too, can flourish in this field.”

We Are Pixel8 hopes to be part of an emerging trend that sees the next generation of minority web and graphic designers, writers and social media whiz kids being represented and making their mark. States Fernandez, “If we allow all of our voices to be heard, the message becomes that much clearer.”

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