WDFL Channel 18 today announced that it will remain on the air with the bulk of itscurrent programming and will add new content and shows.

“In response to today’s news that the CNN Latino nationalnetwork will cease operations, we wanted to assure our viewers that Channel 18 will remain on the air with the locally relevant programming that our viewers have come to know and love over the last 30 years,” stated President and General Manager, Tomas Johansen.

After gauging the opinions of long time viewers, Channel 18 has committed to providing even more local entertainment and news content.

“Spanish-language audiences in Miami are unique to other markets in that they are highly engaged and want objective political news mixed with relevant entertainment and informative programming,” stated Johansen.

In addition to the current line up that includes Maria Elvira Salazar, Roberto Rodriguez-Tejera and Tomas Garcia Fuste, Channel 18 will add more of the type of content that is relevant and current to our local market.

“Fortunately for us, many of the challenges that CNN Latino faced in other parts of the country did not apply to our efforts here in Miami, continued Johansen. “The viewing audience and advertisers in this market have enthusiastically embraced us, which gives us the ability to continue moving forward with our local channel.

“We are fortunate to have a group of extremely committed investors who are enthusiastic about continuing and enhancing our programming to our legions of loyal viewers and bringing them more of the content mix that they want,” concluded Johansen.

WDFL Channel 18 will announce its new programming in the coming weeks.

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