For more than a week retail giant Walmart has been fighting false stories of immigration raids at its stores.  The exact origin of the rumors is not known but it has led Walmart to conduct an aggressive media relations and public affairs crisis campaign in order to notify Latino media and leaders nationally that the rumors are completely false.  The company also has gone on the record to say that not only are the rumors false but that furthermore the company actually supports immigration reform.

Walmart issued the following statement:

“The rumors circulating via text message, and other means, about Walmart coordinating or supporting immigration raids in our stores are not true. These rumors are baseless and inaccurate. We think it’s unfortunate that such unsubstantiated rumors are spread.

“On immigration reform, our position is clear. We believe reform is needed. We are committed to working with all interested parties – lawmakers, employers, and consumers – to make comprehensive reform a reality.”

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