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MIAMI, FL – With all due respect to the wonderful mamis of the booming blog world, it’s time for a papi to step in to the family blogging action.

Today, Hispanic PR Wire founder, social media marketing expert and father-of -three Manny Ruiz announced the launch of PapiBlogger, a web site devoted to showcasing creative parenting tricks, at the opening session of the Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference in Dallas.

“My blog is definitely influenced by the fact that I’m of Hispanic descent but you would be missing the point if you focus on my being Latino or even a father,” said Ruiz.  “I’m writing for and about ALL parents who want to share creative parenting tricks.   I have a slew of wacky parenting techniques and I’m excited to see what other father and mothers, Latino and non-Latino alike, have to share.” 

Ruiz is the father of three kids, including two, Jonathan (10) and Elena (6) from a previous marriage.  His toddler Briani (1) is from his current marriage to Angela Sustaita-Ruiz.

“Fortunately and unfortunately I bring a diverse viewpoint to parenting because I have children with different age ranges and from different marriages,” said Ruiz.  “The challenge of raising children from present and former marriages is what forces me to be entrepreneurial in how I raise them and that’s what I hope inspires others to share their parenting tricks.   I will learn much more than I will teach.”

In addition to a razor focus on stories with parenting tricks, PapiBlogger will also feature other guest columns with famous papis, product reviews and more.


This summer, appropriately on Father’s Day (June 20), PapiBlogger will embark on a national 10,000-mile family road trip across the United States.  PapiBlogger will blog, tweet and Facebook on the journey that will them on a 2010 Chevy Traverse (the PapiMobile) from Miami to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Seattle, Seattle to Maine and Maine back to Miami.

The goal of all this travel?  PapiBlogger can’t reveal all the details yet but one key reason will be to garner one million followers in 40 days on Twitter.

In addition to the blog, PapiBlogger has established a group by the same name on Facebook and can also be followed through Twitter at  A daily national newsletter will be introduced soon.

About PapiBlogger

PapiBlogger is the nation’s first web site devoted to showcasing creative parenting tricks for fathers and mothers, Latinos and non-Latinos alike.  The brainchild of entrepreneur and former Hispanic PR Wire founder Manny Ruiz, PapiBlogger also regularly features guest columns from other Papis and product reviews.

PapiBlogger is part of Hispanic Media Trainers, LLC the holding company of the Hispanic PR Blog and of the Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference.   PapiBlogger can be accessed online at and on Twitter at  The blog also has a Facebook page by the same name.


Manny Ruiz
Tel: 305.321.5002
Angela Sustaita-Ruiz
Tel: 305.321.5002

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