VotarEsPoder.com is the Spanish-language Version of the DNC’s Groundbreaking RaiseYourVote.com

Last week, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) launched VotarEsPoder.com, the Spanish-language version of its voter registration Web site, RaiseYourVote.com. After the launch of the Web site, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine released the following statement:

“For the past 19 months, the DNC and Organizing for America have been fighting to ensure that Americans can make their voices heard in the political process. In fact, it’s what Democrats have stood for — ensuring that the rights of all Americans are duly protected and they are fully represented in our system. Votar Es Poder is another tool that, following a long Democratic tradition, brings more Americans into the fold of our democracy.

“The stakes are high this November and, as we learned in the 2008 election, expanding the pool of voters is good for the democratic process and for the Democratic Party. I am proud that we are the Party that seeks to expand the electorate and promote participation in our electoral process. That’s why Democrats have been hard at work on our Vote 2010 strategy, working to bring reliable midterm voters and 2008 first-time voters back to the polls in November, and ensuring that we bring even more new voters into the party.

“Since President Obama took office, Democrats have fought to put the American people – middle class Americans, those pursuing the American dream, and those who lost ground during the last decade — ahead of special interests in Washington. With Votar Es Poder, we are putting technology and innovation at the service of democracy, and it’s just one more step that Democrats are taking to ensure that all Americans have a say in November.”

SOURCE: Democratic National Committee

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