Vme TV explores the science behind the symbolic shroud of Turin and Christian art this Easter with two unique documentaries that objectively look at the history of the season.


The Face: Jesus in Art

“The Face: Jesus in Art,” is a one-hour documentary that explores how Jesus Christ has been portrayed throughout history in Christian art. This film traces the dramatically different ways in which Jesus has been visually represented throughout the world. The program will air Friday, March 27 at 10:00 PM E/P.


Cold Case: The Shroud of Turin 

“Cold Case: The Shroud of Turin,” is also an hour-long documentary that studies the mysterious linen cloth that is believed to possibly be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, the origin of which has lead to skepticism among theologians and researchers. This documentary is considered important for its in-depth analysis of unpublished documents, undistributed research and discoveries. The film will be broadcast on Friday, April 3 at 10:00 PM E/P.


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