Vme TV, the Spanish-language public television network in the United States, will broadcast an original, 60-minute production, “Vme Especiales: César Chávez,” focused on the upcoming film, “Cesar Chavez” and Chavez’ contributions to the advancement of Latino civil rights.  The program presents previews of the film and Vme TV host Jackeline Cacho engages Los Angeles students on their perspectives on the impact that Cesar Chavez has had on their lives. The program will air on March 28, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Stars from the highly-anticipated film, including producer and director, Diego Luna, Actress Rosario Dawson, and Andres Chavez, the grandson of the celebrated hero, will share an insider’s look at the film and discuss the life of the civil rights activist and labor leader.

“Cesar Chavez is widely regarded as one of the leading Latino voices that successfully argued for the civil rights of Mexican Americans and the Latino community in the United States in the 1960s,” said Victor X. Cerda, Vme TV’s senior vice president of corporate strategy. “Vme TV is proud to highlight the life of one of America’s foremost civil rights leaders and, through this Vme TV production, to engage Hispanics in celebrating and recognizing what Cesar Chavez has done for Latino Americans.”

Over the last year, Vme TV has committed itself to bringing the Hispanic American experience and the community’s achievements to the forefront of its programming. Partnerships with leading organizations such as the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Hispanicize, among others, have helped the channel to introduce their audience to the possibilities and resources that exist to help them build a better future.

Available in 43 markets and reaching more than 70 million households in the United States, Vme TV is available through Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH Network and AT&T U-verse among other local cable companies.


Vme TV (pronounced veh-meh), is a national Spanish-language television network in association with public television stations. Reaching more than 70 million households in the United States, Vme TV is broadcast in 43 markets by PBS stations and is available on DIRECTV, DISH Network, AT&T U-verse, as well as major cable companies including Comcast. The 24-hour digital broadcast service is dedicated to entertain, educate and inspire families in Spanish with a contemporary mix of original productions, exclusive premieres, acquisitions, and popular public television programs specially adapted for Hispanics.



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