Vme TV, and ASPIRA, the nation’s leader in the educational development of Hispanic youth, announced today that they have joined forces to enhance Spanish-language educational programming in the United States. As part of this partnership, the organizations will work together to design, develop, and produce the content that will be broadcast on Vme Television and cross promoted by both organizations.

The strategic alliance will allow ASPIRA and Vme to create programming for the Vme and Vme Kids television channels to elevate the educational development of Latino students and provide parents with resources to support their child’s educational future and improve their household finances in anticipation of higher education costs.

“Vme is proud of its historical role as the nation’s Spanish public television network and its long-standing commitment of providing entertaining educational programming to the emerging U.S. Hispanic audience,” said Eligio Cedeño, CEO of Vme Television. “While Latino graduation rates in the U.S. are at an all-time high, we as a community have much more to achieve.  A partnership with ASPIRA is ideal for Vme and one that we are very proud of entering.”

As leaders in educating and empowering the U.S. Hispanic population, ASPIRA and Vme TV seek to provide this growing demographic with the tools needed to have successful youth development, improve parent and family engagement with child education, increase literacy about entrepreneurship, business planning and finances, and encourage the retention of Latino students in schools.

“ASPIRA is very proud to join forces with Vme to reach thousands of Latino young people and families through high quality educational programming based on ASPIRA’s highly successful programs,” said ASPIRA CEO Ronald Blackburn-Moreno. “We are very thrilled about the opportunities this partnership provides both organizations to attain our mission of ensuring the success of our youth and of our community. We look forward to a strong, lasting and productive relationship with Vme.”


According to a recent study released by the Pew Hispanic Research Center, the Hispanic high school dropout rate is at an all-time low while Hispanic college enrollment is higher than ever, even surpassing that of whites. Nevertheless, Hispanics continue to fall behind when it comes to other higher education measures, including being less likely to be enrolled in college full time or to complete a Bachelor’s degree.


“We believe that by providing educational tools on Vme’s nationwide television platform, we will dramatically increase our outreach efforts and secure our future with a highly educated Latino community in the United States,” said Cedeño.


Under the partnership, Vme and ASPIRA will focus on designing and producing programs for television broadcasts and their digital platforms that will focus on:


·       Educational financing

·       Adult continuing education

·       Health and nutrition advice

·       Stay in school initiatives

·       Financial education

·       Entrepreneurship, business planning and development

·       Utilization of federal, state, and local grants and support opportunities for financial independence and small businesses

·       Personal finances, management, and planning


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