Virtual Event Attendees Look for Information over Networking

Downloading content and viewing webcasts most common virtual event activities

In-person events and conferences afford attendees an escape from the office to network, catch up with old colleagues and keep up on industry trends. But it can be difficult—and often expensive—for some professionals to take time out of their busy schedule.

Virtual events, which can include online gatherings like trade shows, conferences, webinars and seminars, provide professionals access to industry news, research and other industry professionals and suppliers—all from the comfort of the office.

Marketers are investing in virtual events. Econsultancy and business analytics company SAS found 52% of companies worldwide will increase virtual event budgets in 2011. An additional study by virtual events firm Unisfair showed 60% of respondents reported similar intentions.

But marketers looking to justify their virtual event spend by measuring performance with traditional event metrics are overlooking the heavy emphasis virtual event attendees place on collecting content and information—and not necessarily business contacts. Read More »