Memphis, TN- Small towns all over the country, from Greensboro, North Carolina to Aurora, Colorado have experienced a boom in the Hispanic population. The Hispanic community is a brand loyal community and will promote businesses they frequent with invaluable word-of-mouth referrals. Hispanics outspend their non-Hispanic counterparts in areas of consumer goods, children’s products & services, and entertainment. VIDA PR & Marketing Group’s Dominique Pryor-Anderson is helping small businesses in small towns like Little Rock, Arkansas and Birmingham, Alabama understand how to communicate and do business with the Hispanic community. VIDA is also reaching out to the governments of the cities to offer consulting services.

Dominique has led conversational Spanish training classes for employees at The National Civil Rights Museum and Trust Marketing, as well as consulting with the Memphis Farmers’ Market and the Memphis River Kings hockey team on how to better attract and serve the Hispanic community. In addition, she and her business partner, Tim Anderson, co-own Mas Dinero taxes.

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