Memphis, TN- VIDA PR & Marketing Group is introducing their Hispanic Communications Division this week. Dominique Pryor-Anderson and Tim Anderson started VIDA in 2003, combining their backgrounds and experiences in Marketing and Public Relations.

Furthering their business relationship, in 2006, the duo opened Mas Dinero Taxes, a tax company whose clients are primarily Hispanic. With Tim’s background in accounting and finance and Dominique’s knowledge and relationship with the Hispanic community, native fluency and degrees in Spanish a successful venture was formed. The two are now combining all of these experiences to offer business owners in Memphis and the Mid South the opportunity to not only reach out to, but understand and fully serve, the Hispanic Community.

In addition to nine years as a Spanish teacher, Dominique has led conversational Spanish training classes for employees at The National Civil Rights Museum and Trust Marketing, as well as consulting with the Memphis Farmers’ Market on how to better attract and serve the Hispanic community. “We have built a successful business and solid reputation for Mas Dinero Taxes, within the Hispanic community, for honest, dependable, and knowledgeable customer service,” says Tim, “which helps us spend less on advertising because our clients sell our business for us. You can’t put a price on a positive referral, especially in a strongly referral-driven community.” VIDA strives to make the Hispanic community raving fans of their clients’ brands, as well.

The Hispanic Communications Division of VIDA will offer general consulting (customer service training, hiring practices, documentation training, etc), Spanish and bilingual focus groups, Spanish and bilingual surveys, Spanish and bilingual collateral materials, and translations.

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