VIDA Communications Group announces POLITICOS, a service that offers political organizations and politicians the ability to fully understand, and effectively communicate with, the Hispanic community. The service offers an integrated approach, from cultural and diversity training to marketing and community outreach. Immigration is a key issue in political campaigns, from the state level to the White House. VIDA helps organizations and candidates relate to the community as people and not just numbers.

VIDA specializes in Hispanic communications and crisis management, especially culture focused crisis (race, age, gender, ethnicity, language, nationality religion, and occupation, mental and physical abilities). VIDA understands that the Hispanic voter is technically savvy, connected to their community and culture, and issue focused. Although the current voter registration numbers in Memphis currently show only 400 registered, Hispanic voters, the population of 18-24 politically concerned, unregistered Hispanics, is a key demographic.

The POLITICOS service includes:

· Cultural and diversity sensitivity/awareness training

· Cultural crisis planning, training, and management

· Bilingual and bicultural advertising and marketing

· Hispanic media placement

· Community outreach and events

· Grassroots Mobilization (voter registration and education)

· Bilingual and bicultural digital media

“Memphis’ Hispanic community alone has experienced a growth of 300%, in the last 5 years. Mississippi and Arkansas have experienced similar growth, as well,” says Dominique Anderson, VIDA’s Principal. “Politicians and political groups desire to understand the Hispanic community, the diversity within it, how to best communicate, and how to effectively serve the needs of the community. This is exactly what we are doing.”

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