VIDA Communications, a New York City based boutique multicultural public relations agency dedicated to helping brands connect and engage with the growing U.S. Hispanic community, is proud to announce that PR Week magazine is showcasing our campaign for the NephCure Foundation on the publication’s “Campaign of the Month” section.

“We are thrilled and honored to have our work for the NephCure Foundation recognized and acknowledged by PR Week magazine,” said Carlos G Giron, VIDA Communications founder and president. “Our agency is small and agile, enabling us to react quickly to changing situations. We are intensely creative, focused, and dedicated to what we do. And what we do is to strategically leverage the broad array of communications an engagement platforms available in today’s hyper-connected world to enable brands and organizations to create and execute effective communications campaigns and programs, and to develop and establish sustained relationships with the growing and increasingly influential U.S. Latino community, and with other influencers and trend-setters. We do it with a deep commitment, innovative approaches and flair.”

The VIDA Communications’ Hispanic communications campaign for the NephCure Foundation featured in PR Week, highlighted the support of former boxing champion Luis Collazo, a charismatic Brooklyn-born fighter of Puerto Rican heritage. Using a multifaceted approach that included media relations, customized and original organization-owned and agency-owned content, and a thorough social media distribution effort, the campaign increased the number of unique visitors to from an average of about 25,000 per month to more than 40,000 between January 27 and February 8 (during the peak of the campaign activation).

The campaign generated twenty-seven earned stories (500,000 Spanish language impressions and 700,000 English language impressions), including a major feature article on El Diario/La Prensa, one of the top three Spanish language daily newspapers in the country, along with stories on New York Newsday, El Correo de Queens, and many other sports and boxing publications.

As a result of the campaign, the foundation gained approximately 1,000 new Facebook likes and close to 500 new Twitter followers.

“Reaching patient populations and their families is a critical mission for us,” explained NephCure Foundation’s director of PR Steve Griffith. “We hadn’t done any outreach to Latino populations. Luis’ involvement was our opportunity to take that step because he could generate the attention we needed to start messaging to that audience.”

About VIDA Communications

VIDA Communications is a New York City based boutique multicultural public relations agency dedicated to helping brands connect and engage with the growing U.S. Hispanic community, global-minded consumers, trend-setters and influencers in NYC, other major U.S. metro areas, Latin America and globally.

Agency principal, Carlos G Giron, is a versatile, bilingual, and bicultural American public relations professional and journalist. The former Major League Soccer director of Hispanic communications and Verizon Wireless PR executive, was born in Guatemala and lives in Queens, NY. In his spare time, Carlos works with local youth from low-income and diverse communities to teach them the principles of journalism and marketing communications.

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