A simple idea: “Human ingenuity paired with Verizon’s technology can create positive change,” Lopez Negrete executive creative director Vincent Llopis says.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Verizon Communications recently debuted its “Heritage of Tomorrow” campaign. This initiative aims to spotlight Hispanic individuals, groups and ideas making a positive impact in their communities by building a better future through the use of technology.

Six real stories told through a series of videos and images introduce Verizon consumers to six distinctive ideas that have improved the lives of others. Creative visuals and real-life conversations blend with fun and engaging dialogue to bring these individuals to life, in their own words. The end result is a thought-provoking representation of going beyond the norm to create lasting legacies.

“We’re extremely proud of the energy and passion in these stories,” said Kim Collins, Director of Multicultural Marketing at Verizon Wireless. “As a company passionate about advances in technology and communications to enrich and empower people to move ahead in all aspects of life, Verizon is committed to empowering and recognizing Hispanic achievement.”

“It’s a simple idea: human ingenuity paired with Verizon’s technology can create positive change,” said Vicent Llopis, Executive Creative Director at Lopez Negrete Communications. “It’s also a campaign about celebrating untold stories, which meant the videos had to be compelling and shareable, while also conveying clearly and directly the relationship between Verizon and the Latinos sharing their stories.”

Lopez Negrete Communications will create more than 30 videos, using a blend of styles from documentary narratives to intimate one-on-one interviews, and will push the digital aspect of the campaign through the creation of a unique English- and Spanish-language landing page. Campaign messaging is published on the Spanish-language Verizon Wireless Twitter account and the Somos Verizon FiOS Facebook and Twitter accounts. The landing page offers one convenient place to experience all the videos, sharing how technology can positively affect the future.

“Latino achievement and traditions continue to play a major role in shaping U.S. culture. For months, and in some cases years, Verizon has provided the technology, resources and support to make possible Hispanic contributions in the U.S. This campaign does an excellent job of telling some of those human stories,” said Oscar Madrid, Director of Multicultural Marketing at Verizon.


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