Hispanics Get an Inside View into the FiOS Experience from Verizon

Unique In-Culture Content Provides Hispanic Consumers a View into How FiOS Can Help Them Stay Connected to What They Love and Simplify Their Lives

Verizon has introduced www.EnciendeteFios.com, a new interactive website that brings to life the advantages of FiOS in a unique and entertaining fashion.

The website has been designed to enhance the dialogue with Hispanics in a culturally relevant way. Created to be user-friendly in order to heighten the learning experience, the website brings to life the relevance of the services that Verizon FiOS offers its customers in an interactive fashion. In order to complement www.verizon.com/espanol, this site enables a virtual hands-on interactive experience, and demonstrates how the FiOS experience can be relevant in enhancing their lifestyle. Read More »