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Verde Media Group Inc. announced that the Entertainment Division has signed a complete packaging deal with Excelsior Entertainment for the distribution, future production, and sales of the companies reality television show “Cowboy Mining,” that was shot on location in Hermosillo, Mexico.

“Cowboy Mining” follows the crew at Globexplore Drilling as they drill thousands of feet below the earth’s surface to hit apple-sized targets delivering valuable mineral samples of gold, silver, copper and other high-value minerals so that the next “world-class” discovery can be made.  The series is being packaged for the Hispanic market with Excelsior Entertainment.

Excelsior Entertainment was established in 2011 from the success of The Raw Sessions. The show was sold to RTE and Sony Ericson and inked worldwide distribution with Endemol. Excelsior Entertainment partners with artists and producers in film, television, web, mobile, live event, commercial and music video production.

Verde Media Group President, William Veve stated, “We are very pleased to have Dez Ryan and his team from Excelsior Entertainment on board to bring Cowboy Mining to the masses. The focused push into the Hispanic market will ensure the series success and we look forward to announcing the release dates.”


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