In observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has extended its successful 2010 campaign, “Family Values,” and launched “Values 2.0” – a celebratory multimedia campaign. The campaign, which runs from September 15 through October 15, celebrates the strong positive ideals shared by Hispanic Americans and the Marine Corps and features the personal testimonials of Latino men and women currently serving in the Corps.

“Honor, courage and commitment are what we live by in the Marine Corps,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Peterson, assistant chief of staff for advertising, Marine Corps Recruiting Command. “Just like our Latino brothers and sisters who hold these values in high esteem, we instill these traits so that every new generation of Marines can return as proud members of their community.”

“Values 2.0” offers a window into the lives of Hispanic Marines and demonstrates the ways in which the fundamental values of Hispanic Americans and the Marine Corps are one. Latinos of various ages and ranks are featured throughout the campaign and are banded together by the shared beliefs of honor, courage and commitment.

Among the Marines highlighted in the campaign is Warrant Officer Jorge Dimmer, who shares his thoughts on the importance of commitment: “I saw my parents were dedicated to raising me in the type of environment that was going to help me succeed.” He goes on to say, “It is important to all Marines to stay committed to the mission, committed to each other and committed to ensuring we are successful.”

To enhance the “Values 2.0” campaign experience for the public, a Website has been developed and will be accessible throughout Hispanic Heritage Month. Visitors can go to to watch testimonials, hear Marines tell their stories and learn more about the elite fighting force.

Snippets of the testimonials and in-depth profiles can also be accessed on YouTube as well as on Facebook. “Values 2.0” was developed by leading multicultural advertising agency, UniWorld Group, Inc.


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