Hispanicize 2013, the annual Latino trends event scheduled from April 9-13 in Miami Beach, unveiled the March 14 update of its schedule.  Altogether the new schedule reflects more than 100 sessions and 260 presenters over five full days, including film premieres and a music festival.

The final schedule of Hispanicize 2013 will be unveiled on Thursday, March 21.

When reviewing the schedule, Hispanicize 2013 organizers ask that all of the following points be considered:

1.  The March 14, 2013 schedule will generally not change much from the final March 21 version.

2. Refer to this link regularly as the FINAL schedule is evolving ALMOST DAILY until the drop dead schedule time of March 21.  To view the tentative, March 14 version of the schedule, click on the image above or click here: http://bit.ly/XwiE2o

3. Presently the schedule DOES NOT include all the social media sessions of Hispanicize 2013.  It also doesn’t mention the music groups or films of the event, information that will be coming shortly.

6. The biggest ongoing changes will actually be that more sessions and a lot more about the film and music festivals will be being added.

7. For questions about the schedule email jay@hispanicize.com.

8. This is the best time to book your flights and reserve your hotel.  The more you delay, the more likely you will not find the rooms or flights you need.

9. If you want to book your hotel room, the event hotel is offering a discounted rate at https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_gi_new&groupID=14723119

10. Every day of Hispanicize 2013 will be packed with great content, speakers and entertainment so rest assured that any day or days you come will be fruitful.


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