In Bid to Sell Buicks With Intrigue and Plot, Network and GM Roll Out Character-Driven Spot

As head of Hispanic ad agency Publicidad Arismendi, Eva Rodriguez won General Motors’ Buick account and created the car brand’s first Spanish-language commercial, which ran on Univision last week. But Eva isn’t real. She’s the heroine of Univision’s 8 p.m. telenovela “Eva Luna,” and part of her role is to take the product integration common in novelas to a new level.

In typical novela fashion, Eva starts out as a humble but beautiful apple-picker in Southern California and finds success and riches after falling in love with a man — Arismendi’s creative director, Daniel Villanueva — and being mentored by the agency’s founder, Julio Arismendi as she nurses him through a long illness. Eva rises to the top of the agency through a combination of hard work, her love of advertising, and the tutelage of Julio, who also leaves her a majority stake in the Los Angeles-based Hispanic ad agency after he fakes his own death when his evil wife Marcela poisons him.

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