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The United Soybean Board (USB) invites Hispanic families to pick up the camera and record a short video of their family making their favorite traditional recipes. To celebrate keepsake traditions and great tasting recipes, USB launched a virtual library where families share the rich history behind beloved food dishes. Participants will have the opportunity to have their special customs videos honored in the Soy Connection Digital Time Capsule. Entries will be accepted until September 30, 2014 at www.soyconnection.com/hispanictraditions.php.

Nearly two-thirds of Hispanics say they follow Hispanic traditions when preparing food. USB is proud to highlight the role soybean oil plays in heritage recipes. Entrants can share the heritage videos on their Facebook page, and select submissions will earn bragging rights by being featured in the Digital Time Capsule. USB’s Soy Connection Digital Time Capsule offers a unique opportunity to showcase treasured recipes, fun memories and cherished traditions tied to meal preparation in Hispanic homes.

“Though most may not know it, soybean oil has been a long-standing staple of Hispanic menus,” said Lorena Drago, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator and consultant to USB. “As most vegetable oil is actually 100% soybean oil, it is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen and becomes an essential part of everyday cooking.”

As 86% of Hispanics believe eating together as a family maintains unity, perpetuating cooking traditions has become an act of love.


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