Going back to Mexico is not an option, said the 43-year-old man, kneeling next to his wife’s wheelchair.

Ignacio Godinez Lopez worries about where to get regular access to dialysis after a public clinic closes this week.

His wife, 45, lost her eyesight to diabetes. She also has high blood pressure. And her kidneys are failing.

For years, he has taken her to a dialysis clinic attached to a public hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The facility that gave her free care plans to close Saturday.

They are illegal immigrants with no health insurance and, they say they have nowhere to go for his wife’s vast medical needs. The closing clinic offered to help return them to Mexico.

The Atlanta clinic is the latest known case of a medical institution that’s offering to send illegal immigrants who can’t afford treatment back to their native countries — a practice that critics liken to patient dumping.  To read the full story click here.

5 thoughts on “Undocumented patients wary of offers to return to home countries”
  1. I am sorry your wife is so ill, but I am more sorry that legal American citizens cannot get the same freebies you ILLEGALS get and take it as your right. I am really tired of paying your mecical bills while I watch friends who don’t have medical insurance suffer. You have a lot of nerve to expect free care. Go back to Mexico and get what you can get from the country that you are a citizen of. Stop making American citizens take care of you and your families. We have enough of our own problems. I think you have a lot of nerve expecting what LEGAL Americans cannot get.

  2. If the hospital stop acting like immigration officers and send these ILLEGAL immigrants back….who is going to. Why should we have to pay for their care….who is paying for ours when we need it.

  3. We, the tax payers of the US, don’t owe illegals (or really immigrants in general) ANYTHING. Yes, they take the jobs no one wants but it’s still better than what they came from. Get over your entitlement attitudes, just because you exist doesn’t mean you get squat. Get your citizenship, work hard, get an education then you can EARN what your entitled to. Look at the what the socialist-entitlement policies did to California; they basically ran out other people’s money!
    Hispanics have a lot of nerve demanding all these benefits! Get over yourselves, fix YOUR country and you won’t have to leach of ours.

  4. Ok, let me get this straight; Ignacio Lopez came to this country to get healthcare for his wife. I get that. I also get that he is ILLEGAL, which means that he doesn’t have a social security number, which means if he is working (which I doubt) he is not paying any taxes into the very system is taking from. Let’s get one thing straight. You don’t get to come to this country and get FREE healthcare when so many Americans, who have worked and paid into this very system don’t get FREE healthcare!! I have family members and friends who have worked in this country all of their lives and are either out of work or don’t have any healthcare through no fault of their own. I am ANGRY! This is not about human rights! I don’t have any problem with people migrating to this country, but here’s the stipulation: you work, pay taxes, and take care of your own family just like the rest of us! Just because you come from a ‘poor’ country doesn’t entitle you to come to this country and have all of your needs paid for by the American taxpayer!! This country and the people who are citizens here are STRUGGLING, we keep giving everything we’ve got to everyone else, and nobody seems to care about the people who are actually working and putting into this country! You know what…these ‘private’ clinics are shutting down because they don’t have the money to keep caring for people who don’t pay anything for it! The same thing is happening to our welfare system! There are more people weighing down the wagon than the rest of us pulling it can carry!! I am FED UP!! Go home!

  5. Wow—I just can’t believe how inhumane are Americans. Just look at how they post. They seem like dogs debating! It’s better for a Mexican to stay there in Mexico than going to this selfish country with heartless people.

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