To honor the historical contributions made by Latino men and women, the United States Marine Corps is partnering with several national organizations to host events around the country in celebration of this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month.

“This Hispanic Heritage Month we will be out in the community, engaging the young and old, spreading the Marine Corps message of honor, courage and commitment in recognition of this important month,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Peterson, Assistant Chief of Staff for Advertising, Marine Corps Recruiting Command. “The mission for every Marine is to serve our country not only abroad, but at home too.”

Throughout the celebratory month, Marines will engage with communities across the nation:

September 20 is Hispanic Heritage Night at Nationals Park in Washington, DC. The Marine Corps is celebrating the achievements of Latinos by inviting students from the Hispanic College Fund to join them as they watch the Washington Nationals go head to head against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On September 22-23 and September 29-30 COPA Univision’s 4th annual soccer tournament and festival will be in full swing with stops in Fresno, CA, and New York, NY. The Marine Corps is partnering with the Spanish-language television network encouraging fans to test their strength with a chin-up challenge during the pre-game festival.
September 29 and October 6, the Marine Corps is helping students prepare for college by handing out scholarship information and providing career advice at the New Futuro Summit and “Make a Difference Expo” in Los Angeles, CA, and Houston, TX.
On October 10 the organization of MAES: Latinos in Science and Engineering will host their 2012 national symposium in Las Vegas, NV. The Marines are mentoring a team of college students as they demonstrate their knowledge of STEM during the annual MAES College Decathlon.
In addition to partnering with organizations, the Marine Corps has partnered with Major League Soccer (, the official digital platform of Major League Soccer (MLS), and Terra Networks.

The MLS will be featuring a video series, “Journey to Excellence,” that showcases Hispanic professional soccer players and demonstrates how their successes can be attributed to the values learned through a Hispanic upbringing. The Hispanic values the soccer players all refer to relate back to the core values of honor, courage and commitment – which serve as the foundation of the Marine Corps.

Terra Networks, a leading bilingual media platform highlighting Hispanic-focused entertainment, sports and news, will highlight the stories of several Latino Marines throughout the month in a custom Hispanic Heritage Month hub on their popular website.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is when all Americans should take a moment to recognize the great contributions that men and women of Hispanic descent have made throughout the history of the United States,” said LtCol Peterson. “Being able to observe different cultures, traditions and ways of life is what makes this country and the Marine Corps so great.”

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