Newlink Conversations features experts on controversial, informative topics and trends

Newlink America, an advertising and PR firm focused on the U.S. Hispanic market, launched a video blog series branded Newlink Conversations: Dialogue, Debate and Discovery, featuring expert opinions and commentary on topics, trends and issues in the U.S. Hispanic market. The vlog can be viewed at

“With new U.S. census data reinforcing what we have known for years about the economic, social and political power of the Hispanic consumer market, we are encouraging experts with strong and well-documented opinions to speak candidly to Corporate America,” said Jorge Ortega, Newlink’s founder and managing partner. “For some companies, these insights will be a wake-up call and for others a reinforcement of smart business decisions to continue growing in this market.”

Ortega has confirmed several vloggers to discuss relevant subjects related to this fast-growing demographic, including representatives from Google, the U.S. Census Bureau, noted authors and researchers. The first set of guest vloggers includes:

  • Charles P. Garcia from Garcia Trujillo (, with the results from the latest survey on Latinos’ emotional connection with companies and brands. Next week, Charles will comment on the “ten mistakes companies make in marketing to Hispanics.”
  • Cesar Melgoza, CEO of Geoscape (, on why boards and management of Fortune 500 companies are slow to invest in the U.S. Hispanic market. Cesar will vlog often about his experience with dozens of executives in the C-suite.

In upcoming vlogs, viewers will hear from Dr. Felipe Korzenny, director of the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University ( and author of two books on the Hispanic market, the latest of which is Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer. Among other topics, Dr Korzenny will discuss the impact the 2010 census results will have on marketers and consumers. Also, Eduardo del Rivero, Newlink America managing partner, will vlog about the use of Spanish versus English to reach Hispanics.

Other confirmed guest vloggers include Mark Lopez from Google, Raul Cisneros from the U.S. Census Bureau, Nicolas Ibarqűen, publisher of PODER Magazine, and Dr. Eduardo Gamarra from Newlink Research on insights gathered from three recent and revealing studies conducted on the Hispanic market.

Newlink Conversations will expose the most important – and sometimes contentious – topics related to the U.S. Hispanic consumer that are being discussed in board rooms, C-suites, agencies and classrooms from coast to coast today,” Ortega said. “Our goal is to make it informative and relevant to anyone who wants to understand and interact with this dynamic market, and I believe we’ve achieved that.”

Newlink America is taking suggestions for topics and speakers at

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