The U.S. Census Bureau will conduct a multi-faceted integrated marketing campaign in order to secure the strongest possible population count in its history.   Below are tactical descriptions of how the Census is planning to engage multicultural audiences.  This content comes from a recent newsletter but is instructional for PR professionals planning similar broad multicultural PR strategies:  

  • “Events are drawing together diverse audiences from all walks of life and creating lasting memories about the census. The Census Bureau regularly conducts events around the nation and maintains a presence at events and conferences hosted by others, such as the National Congress of American Indians or the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. In addition, Regional Census Centers and Local Census Offices are facilitating partner-led events by providing materials, talking points and other support.
  • The Census in Schools program, “2010 Census—It’s About Us,” will kick off in fall 2009 with the goal of teaching students about the importance of the census, so they can deliver census messages to their families. Teachers will have the option of weaving the census into lesson plans and many will devote an entire week to the study of the census. Visit the Census in Schools Web site to learn more:
  • Media outreach supplements and sustains the momentum created by partners, events and Census in Schools program activities by building awareness of the census and providing motivating reasons to participate. Recent outreach to media has resulted in coverage on several leading broadcast networks and in premiere publications. Watch a clip from the Today Show about the Census Bureau’s efforts to reach the Hispanic community.
  • Complete Count Committees (CCCs) are made up of state, local, community and tribal leaders who promote the census in their communities through grassroots outreach. Contact your Regional Census Center ( for tips on how to start or join a CCC.
  • Advertising will begin in January 2010 to reinforce all the messages that have been communicated through partners, events, the Census in Schools program and media outreach. It will be the most prominent aspect of the integrated communications campaign in 2010.
  • Interactive elements disseminate 2010 Census news and information online. The 2010 Census Web site,, currently houses vast amounts of information about the 2010 Census and is updated frequently. The Web site for 2010 Census partners,, is an information resource that contains downloadable materials to facilitate communication with constituents. A new version of will launch in fall 2009 and will include additional information resources and an online newsroom that contains interactive and social media elements.
  • A 2010 Census mobile tour will travel across the nation from January through April 2010 to educate the public about the importance and benefits of participating in the census and to raise awareness before the arrival of the census form. The mobile tour will support regional and local initiatives, and will reinforce established census messaging.

Every time someone reads about the census, hears about it on TV, or attends a census event in his or her community, we help foster a greater understanding of the census and its benefits, and move closer to our goal of achieving a complete and accurate count in 2010. As a partner, you are fundamental to the success of this entire strategy.”

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