Twitter PartyThe team of the new Hispanicize social media platform for bloggers and marketers will be featured in a very special bilingual Twitter chat being hosted tonight at 8 p.m. ET by HPRChat’s Twitter channel #HPRChat. HPRChat is a monthly Twitter chat dedicated to Hispanic Public Relations.

“The goal of this special event is to share insights and tips, as well as connect at least one person with a job in the Hispanic PR sector” said Andy Checo (@andycheco), moderator of #hprchat. All organizations, recruiters, HR professionals and Hispanic PR job seekers are invited to participate.

During the chat Louis Pagan, Migdalia Rivera and Manny Ruiz will answer questions about the goals of Hispanicize and their vision for this platform that seeks to bring all Latino bloggers together with the brands, marketing agencies and non profits that want to work with them.

“This is a very interesting time,” said Pagan “brands are actively seeking out Hispanic bloggers and social media users and Hispanicize will build those channels between the two populations.”

Besides and exciting industry introduction, there will be 3 prizes given away during the chat as well. Lucky participants will have the chance to win two Sony Bloggies and a $25 McDonalds Arch Card.

To join the chat you must have a twitter account. It is recommended that you follow the chat on or a similar web application. Just enter the hashtag #hprchat to join the conversation.

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