TwitterThe Bureau of the Census is hardly a sexy topic on social media, yet that didn’t stop the agency from enjoying a well-earned boost in buzz on Twitter.

The buzz stemmed from a report by the agency that white births are no longer a majority in the U.S.–news which the Twitterati had a field day with.

“The Census Bureau today reported that whites now account for half of all live births,” @kattcalls wrote, “but 96 percent of all toddlers with tiaras.”

“Cue the alarm at Fox,” @wordsnotbullets said.

According to the Census Bureau’s 2011 statistics, there were over 2 million nonwhite births in 2011, versus 1.9 million for whites. The hair splitting is creating very real consequences for politicians looking to get a lock on the minority vote.

According to The New York Times, 348 counties nationwide recorded demographics in which minorities made up a big slice of the pie. They include the District of Columbia (50 percent black, 38 percent White), New York City (25 percent black), Los Angeles (48 percent Hispanic), and even Memphis, where whites are a statistical minority.

Hispanics drove most of the Census Bureau’s numbers. As of July 2011, the end of the study period, Hispanics accounted for 26 percent of total births, versus just 15 percent for blacks.

The news was not lost on certain members of the Latino community, who wasted no time having fun with it.

Read the entire article at Oh My Gov!

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