The Raben Group is proud to announce that Francella Chinchilla, a director at The Raben Group, has been named to the Embassy of Spain’s 2014 Hispanic Leaders Program.

The annual Hispanic Leaders Program was founded in 1998 at the initiative of the U.S.-Spain Council (a private forum to enhance relations between the two countries), it is sponsored by the Fundación Carolina. The objective of this program is to allow future Hispanic leaders from the United States to familiarize themselves firsthand with Spain’s political, economic, social and cultural environment.

Since its founding, close to 180 U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin have been chosen in a competitive selection process to participate in this program. This year the program will take place from March 23-29, 2014. The trip will take place in Madrid and Málaga, and the agenda includes an event hosted by Queen Sofia.

With a background in advocacy, coalition building and strategic planning, Francella Chinchilla helps our clients advance their public policy goals. Francella’s clients include The California Endowment and the National Immigration Forum. She also serves as the National Director of Programs for the Friends of the American Latino Museum.


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