The new report – Cultural Connections: The 2012 Multicultural Initiative Report – overviews Transitions Optical’s multicultural efforts to date, including research conducted; resources available to both eyecare professionals and culturally diverse consumers; and programs executed through partnerships with industry and cultural organizations. The initiative report also includes profiles of Transitions Optical’s Diversity Advisory Board members, who oversee all efforts and ensure they are culturally appropriate and relevant.

“The Transitions Cultural Connections initiative has come so far since we began in 2006 – and where we are now is just the beginning,” said Manuel Solis, multicultural marketing manager, Transitions Optical. “With the support of our industry partners, and the guidance of our esteemed Diversity Advisory Board, we are committed to expanding our multicultural efforts in 2013 and beyond to ensure that growing groups at risk are getting the best possible eye care.”

Transitions Optical’s multicultural initiative report is available free-of-charge through Transitions Optical Customer Service at or (800) 848-1506. A printable PDF version is also available online within the “My Industry” section of and includes links to useful tools and resources for eyecare professionals.

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