This spring, Transitions Optical, Inc. continued to support the American Diabetes Association (ADA) by educating thousands of consumers about the importance of regular eye care to provide early detection and treatment of diabetes during ADA EXPO events. Outreach efforts have focused on those who have or who are at risk for diabetes, including ethnic groups such as African Americans and Hispanics.

More than 5,000 attendees learned more about the steps they can take to protect their eye health during the ADA EXPO in San Antonio on May 18. Transitions Optical partnered with Visionworks to provide more than 300 free vision screenings and distribute 1,000 flyers with discounts on Transitions® adaptive lenses.

Earlier in 2013, Transitions Optical sponsored the ADA EXPO on March 9 in New York, reaching an additional 5,000 attendees with eye health information. More than 200 vision screenings were provided by Visionworks, and 750 flyers with discounts on Transitions lenses were distributed.

Following the March event, Transitions Optical partnered with the ADA to release a public service announcement on the importance of regular eye exams for African Americans, who are at higher risk for diabetes.

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