From Chisme and Fashion to Sports and Politics, Tr3s’ New Platform Plugs-in to an Extraordinarily Opinionated Bunch of Clever and Unconventional Latino Voices 

Tr3s, the contemporary entertainment destination for Hispanics in the US, announces the expansion of its digital voice, Blogamole, with the launch of the Tr3s Blogamole Network, an abode of go-to gurus on all things chisme, lifestyle and entertainment. While they differ in the niche they represent, the common thread among this new generation of emerging bloggers is the Latino perspective. The bilingual hybrid of Latino voices cover entertainment, pop culture, fashion, music, celebrities, love, sex, travel, sports and politics in real time.

“The new network enhances the task of surfing the web for the latest chisme, an offers a one-stop-shop for relevant news across multiple categories from a group of niche Latino players who are already proving to offer a steady stream of stream scoop.” said Hiram Enriquez, Director of Digital Product Innovation for VIACOM International Media Networks – The Americas. “This innovative model enriches our digital content offering on Tr3s flagship site, and amplifies new voices for our avid fan base. 
Carmen Ordonez is leading fashion and style expert, TV personality, spokesperson and founder behind Viva Fashion, an online destination for fashionistas on a budget. Launched in 2008, Viva Fashion was one of the first fashion blogs aimed to target acculturated Latinas and features the latest in fashion on a budget, fashion tips, beauty and lifestyle. Her blog empowers women through fashion, reinforcing fashionistas that they don’t have to spend a million to look like a million bucks.
Sometimes it feels like fashion blogs only write for the razor thin, but not Monique Frausto’s Curves and Chaos. Monique understands that most Latinas don’t fit into a size two, so she shares the latest finds for plus-size girls in fashion, beauty, shopping and events.
Jon Byington’s Dos Lives blog is a pretty accurate description for the life of the modern U.S Hispanic. It’s difficult to assimilate with the “American” culture while keeping your Latino roots, and Jon Byington understands that. With the help of a rather large team of bicultural editors, he explores the ever-changing experience of Latinos living in the US covering everything from news and entertainment to tech and the media.
Juan Alanis, well, actually his full name is San Juan Martin Alanis Maldonado Turrubiartez, is a Mexican-American who grew up in Rio Grande Valley, finally moving to Houston, Texas when his parents became legal citizens. His blog, Juan of Words is an ode to his life, a journey that is similar to thousands of children who grew up with their feet on both sides of the border.
Being a woman in the US is hard enough, but being a Latina in the US is extra demanding. From societal to family pressures, becoming a successful, independent woman is definitely a challenge. But for those ladies who don’t take no for an answer, the Dominican-American Dr. Angelica Perez-Litwin has created New Latina, an online destination centering on articles and advice for college, career success, motherhood and money management.
Don’t judge this blog by its title. Married My Sugar Daddy is a love story in progress based on Melissa Chapman’s personal experience to being married to a man 15 years her senior. The writer takes an honest look at marriage, sex, relationships and kids, all the while maintaining her tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.
Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Teresa Garza is a modern Latina marvel: part anchor, field reporter, writer, editor, producer and news director! Checa LA Movie is an extension of herself, a critical and enlightening eye on films of every type.
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