Tr3s announces the premier of new acquisitions from AZTECA, as part of its new fall lineup. Following a steady stream of strong viewership and ratings globally, “Pasión Morena” and “Bellezas Indomables” make their debut on Tr3s this month. The new content will align with the networks more general entertainment offering which includes new realities, novelas, docu-series, comedy and music.

“We’re confident these properties will connect with our 18-34 demo, in the same way they’ve been embraced by beloved fans around the world. The complex storylines, bold characters and relatable stories deliver the daily dose of consumer engagement that Hispanics seek with the novela formats,” said Maria Badillo, VP of Programming & Production for Tr3s. 

“Bellezas Indomables” is a story of love, passion and strength, starring Claudia Álvarez and Yahir, the breakout star of “La Academia” season one. The novela captures the fortunate life of three society sisters, who experience a deceit and betrayal that leaves them orphaned. In their new world of humble beginnings, they struggle to find courage and determination but along the way to their true destiny they find strength, love and justice. Additional notable cast members include Bety Monroe, Tomás Goros, Carlos Torres and Carmen Delgado. 

Premiering for the first time in the US and starring Paola Núñez, Víctor González and Segundo Cernadas, “Pasión Morena” captures the story of Morena (Núñez), a young fashion designer, who ends her engagement after witnessing her fiancé in the arms of another woman.  In an effort to move on from the betrayal, she moves to an island of paradise, where she encounters Leo (González), a man born and raised in the jungle, but soon discovers a different identity through his past.

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