As the holiday season kicks off, Mattel is doing its best to reach a Hispanic audience with its new ‘Toy Feliz campaign. The slogan is intended to appeal to Latina moms and their kids.

Multilingual Puns: Toy Happy!

“’Toy Feliz” translates as “Toy Happy” in English. In Spanish, the ‘Toy Feliz campaign is a pun both on the word “toy” and a cute, shortened version of the word “estoy,” which is “to be.” Simply put, the campaign is both “Toy Happy” and “I’m happy,” a fun play on words to be used for multiple Mattel brands. From Barbie and Monster High to Fisher Price and Hot Wheels, the campaign hopes to reach a broad audience of children – and also their mothers.

The puns continue. The advertisements themselves play on a young son during the holidays, letting his family know that he is waiting on his presents. “’Toy esperando” (“I’m waiting”) and “’Toy portándome bien” (“I’m behaving myself”) are a couple of the plays on “toy” in the campaign.

Bringing Back the Toy Industry

The stats say it. While they toy industry has been struggling a little for the past couple of years, the Hispanic market represents about 15% of toy sales overall. The logic, then, is to speak directly to this demographic with a campaign that hopes to bring smiles to the faces of parents and their children. By specifically targeting Latinas, 86% of whom are the primary decision makers behind purchasing decisions in the household, the ad campaign hopes to help the toy industry make a comeback.

Marketing to the Hispanic Community

Hispanic marketing is expanding enormously as of late, and with good reason. This particular campaign is not just targeting a Spanish-speaking market; rather, it is taking into account the changing multicultural market. For Latina moms, the hope is that the campaign will speak to the idea that a product belongs in the home because the marketing campaign understands the Hispanic community.

The timing of the campaign also works out for the Latin@ demographic. While the ads are scheduled to run in the weeks preceding the Christmas holidays, they will continue to run through early January in order to target sales from Three Kings Day, a holiday celebrated on January 6th by many Latin@ families.

Source: Business2Community

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